We are the Woodhallas:

Alan,Dominic, Dennis, Ilaria and Daniel,

With our joint passion for woodwork and natural living in the woods we came together and started dreaming and making our garden together. Since many years we worked with lots of help of neighbours and friends on several projects. For example, we started with cleaning land and making strategic fire cuts, the common house building 2011 and fixing action last summer. Also last summer we fought the wildfire that burned 250 000 ha of land. We managed with the help of a lot of people to prevent the fire to enter the valley and bring houses in danger and burn established woodlands.

Alan and Dominic living here for more than 10 years Denis, Ilaria and Daniel joint since 2 years. we live very close by and started to do things together. as a small group with many helpers, thanks to you all.

We have several ideas we want to realize.

One of them is our timber frame building workshop we planning for June/July 2017.It will be a reciprocal round structure. for further information visit Workshops & Projects

another project in planning is a da Vinci bridge over our small river we have.

We  work on the model of a gift based society. That means we will ask minimum donations for compensating our services and accommodations.


Our timberframe workshop started

We started the workshop and i want to give you some pictures of how it is going

   What would we do without the help of our wonderfull neighbour friend with his tractor to shift all the wood in we cut on the neighboursfarm.   


But still we have to carry all the wood the last bit by hand                                               

or on the shoulders.


the well earned Rest.

The kitchen and the workshop

                           in production.

See you soon with further updates.

Love and Woodhalla





my name is Dennis and I moved to the forest here in 2015 with my partner (in crime) Ilaria.

Really getting a kick out of the whole thing, highly recomended.

Other than that I am mostly into plants, gardening and water gardening, and woodworking.

I am also part of the “Project Woodhalla”. If you are interested visit https://flows.live/workshops/


my name is Dominic, I am 47 years, mother of two sons (17/23).
My main interest is organic gardening, handy crafts (Crochet), woodworking (as an empowering experience for women) alternative living projects (like wagon sites, low impact buildings, caravans and living-in vans and also conventional housing) and the art of living in harmony with  yourself, your close ones and not so close ones.
I am living in the valley since 2005 and since 2002 in Portugal, thereby creating the experience of living a low impact, nature connected and more free life whilst also raising my sons in these ways.
Knowing by experience that living out in the sticks is not an easy choice but an empowering one I’d love to share with other women (and male ?) about my live style and help and inspire my sisters in finding the courage to make a step into the unknown wild life.
I’ve done plenty of things in my life, to name a few that have had an impact on who I am today: I studied special and curativ education and I worked for 10 years with  adults with special needs and for about one year in an integrative kindergarten, I worked on restoration of antique furniture, in an animal shelter and I also worked for 5 years in a garden and landscape design company, where I discovered my passion for gardening and landscaping

From 2007-2014 I was part of a geodesic dome company and we were building and renting out domes. I also have been working on several Boom Festivals, with various projects, one of the most creative ones being part of the designing and setting up of the sacred fire area in 2006 and 2008.
For the last 5 years I worked with my partner Alan  on several wood house building project see gallery woodhallas and in June 2016 we facilitated an alternative natural building workshop in Terra Alta, we build a reciprocal roof structure.

I am also part of “project woodhalla”. You can read more about us in the Workshops & Projects.

To get in touched please write to flows.live@gmail.com


Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deHi I m Jessica and I live in the community together with my 3 year old son. I am on the path of living a self sufficient and simple life. My passion is bio-dynamic and synergistic gardening and the vision that is connected with this. (more info on this here).

I see in life and in nature that everything is connected and that the spirit creates the matter, things that have been described by various people such as Steiner or Goethe are some sources of inspiration.

In my life I put to practice the most that I can of the things I have learned to be part of the truth.

Living a self sustainable life is a challenging task and I am very open to skilled volunteers who may in return for their help learn about Bio-dynamics, as well as for people who want to learn in exchange for other energy values for that what they have learned.Photos by hellinger-fotografie.de


Hi I am Stephen ( Baba ) 62 years young and single and I am very interested in a lower impact and healthy life style. Words like: Self reliant –  Rewilding – Simple living – always with a compromise or 2 would describe this best.

 Water: Water is very important to me its the main reason I live here, I use cold water treatments  based on Sebastian Kneipp, Water of life ( Amaroli ),H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, Alkaline water, Damar Tantra massage, Foot baths,Epsom salts used in baths and  massage
I also use tonics, apple cider vinegar and Aloe vera
Regarding Food: the word that Diet  is derived from means a change of life style, I have been vegetarian ‘vegan ‘raw food and fruitarian  paleo at times in my life, but I do not subscribe to any at this time. I use juices leaf greens and vegs -fruits, sprouts, micogreens  vitamin waters, vortexed water, golden milk etc.
I would like to share any of the above  in workshops, but more as part of a day-to-day experience of my life here .
Other interests
Eco construction – permaculture gardening – rocket stoves and wood burning stoves
and yes I am into elf’s fairies brownies
But not head Goblins ha ha
You can contact me by e-mail: flows.live@gmail.com