Movement & Stillness of the Soul 2019

Download the pdf  with full info about this retreat here: Summer retreat 2019 Landeira

PDF deutsche Version info zum Seminar : Bewegung und Stille der Seele


A Journey-work Retreat

with Melanie Reeg & Laura Parr

26rd – 30th of June 2019

Landeira Rio – São Pedro do Sul – Central Portugal

The Vision

We will create a time and a place to share and to heal,

to connectexplore and express:

a time and a place to celebrate life and practice gratitude,

to consider what moves our souls and what lies in the stillness and beyond.

We will gather to share stories about our lives, loves and passions, with the aim to

enrich and empower one another.

We will create a moment to be in pure nature with the elements,

with silence and with sounds,

with laughter and with tears,

with movement and with stillness.


Melanie Reeg – I am passionate about personal 0A1A0375

development work that helps me to find more inner freedom and joy in this journey called life and I love to share this work with others.

During the retreat I will share some of the tools that I have learned to be effective for me and others.

I will guide and facilitate activities such Byron Katie’s ‘work’ method, inner child work, meditations and systemic constellations.

Besides discovering new aspects of our journeys and exploring new solutions in our lives, we will also spend time expressing ourselves, reflecting and celebrating: the idea is to create a well-rounded retreat with every need accounted for.

More about me: I have lived in Portugal for more than 25 years. I first came here as a young woman in search of more freedom and opportunities than my life in Germany presented me with. This life-long search has brought me to discover that true freedom can only be found inside and has little to do with the outer world, which is simply a projection of our inner world. These days I love to share what I have learned with others. Along the way, I have had to overcome many obstacles and learned to understand myself better by putting into practice those ideas that seemed to make sense.

Guiding and facilitating soul-searching activities are what makes me happy and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue gaining deeper understanding of life, love and freedom. I am looking forward to hosting our first retreat in the magical place of Landeira, which has, in recent years, become my second home.

OmUlbQzILaura Parr: I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist from the UK, and I came to Portugal over five years ago in search of a different way of life. With a background in nursing and public health, I have a passion for helping people find wellness, but conventional centres of ‘health’ such as hospitals never really suited me.

I started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago and have been teaching since 2013. Through my practice, I discovered that yoga is less about strength and flexibility in the body and more about strength and flexibility in the mind.

During the retreat, we will explore the ancient yogic models that can be used to address the underlying causes of our suffering.

Through relaxation, breathing techniques and gentle movements, the sessions will focus on bringing about the awareness that leads to persistent and real-life changes.


Please note this is a first retreat we will do at this place and we are offering special rates for this retreat!

  • All 4 days – 26th – 30th – 150 € including camping, meals and all activities

  • 1 day (including 1 night, 3 meals + 1 snack and 1 day activities) – 50 €

  • 2 day (including 2 night, 6 meals + 2 snack and 1 day activities) – 90 €

  • 3 day (including 3 night, 9 meals + 3 snack and 1 day activities) – 120 €

additional meals: breakfast 2,50€, lunch 4€, dinner 3,50€, snack 2,50€

We are planning for a group of 12.

Please reserve your space by e-mail:

Or call for any further information 00351 918 270 302

The closing date for inscriptions is 31th May 2019

The reservation fee is 20 € (non-refundable)

Our garden

Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deCome and learn and share with us about gardening. We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and berries in our common garden and are happy for helping hands and sharing our knowledge about:

  • How to prepare the land in autumn
  • Seeding and planting in spring
  • Watering Portuguese mountain terraces
  • Harvesting and conserving methods

Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in joining us.

Pizza Parties

editiert_mel_112jpgEvery full moon we are having a pizza party at the common house, where we bake delicious pizzas in our typical wood heated pizza oven.

Everyone is welcome to join the feast for a donation to our magic hat.

The Pizza Parties are at the common Terrace and often we also have improvised live music and games happening. So bring your instrument and good mood 🙂


Rebairras de Artesanato

Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deFor the processing and production of wool, baskets, instruments and lot of other things I use mainly what I find in nature. Because creativity does not have any limits I appreciate interested workshop participants. The idea is to build and construct with little means and in simple ways little art objects, instruments and useful things which will give us and others joy.

Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop or if you would like to buy

See my profile here


Herbal Teas & Remedies

What we need for our health and well being is inside the plants that grow around us. Our body can properly use the minerals and Vitamins that we get from herbs and fruit in contrary to what we try and take in through pills and processed products.

As I see the drying of herbs the friendliest conservation method, I recommend them, besides fresh herbs, fruit and vegetable, as daily part of a healthy diet.

With any health problem there is always a plant that can help.

I sell herbal teas, pot herbs and aromatic herbs, massage oils and tinctures.

Please get in touched if you are interested:

See my profile here