WORKSHOP2018-Round wood timber framing

Two weeks of round wood timber framing workshop

Here we are… Woodhalla is organizing a second Round Wood Timber framing workshop

(basic carpentry skills required) from 1st to 14th of june 2018.

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The Project is to build a round wood timber framing living house with light adobe walls. as you can see on the picture with the model, the main structure will be 3 cruck frames creating 2 bays, mainly using sweet chestnut and eucalyptus globolus logged in the neighbourhood. We have room for 7 people(few people to keep the quality of learning experience), who are interessted to learn and explore ancient techniques about round wood timber framing.

During the workshop you will prefabricate round wood timber framing based on center lines and framing bed (see Ben Law)

and learn

  • marking on framing bed
  • rule & scribe method
  • joinery: mortise & tenons, half dove tail, cruck joins, cogged cruck join
  • trad. way of making pegs and wedges
  • layout based on center lines
  • use of hand tools

The workshop will be facilitated by Alan Ueland

2016  reciprocal timber framing workshop in Terre Alta

2017 reciprocal timber framing structure “Woodhalla”…/round-wood-timber-framing-project-woo…/

The workshop will be held during 2 weeks. we will provide 3 vegetarian meals. The organic vegetables found on the table will come from our and local gardens.

With our experience of last year it is just possible to do the complete workshop. Last year we had participants for half the workshop. But for the flow of the learning experience we see that it is nessesary to part take the hole time.

We run our project mainly donation based; and we want to run this workshop on donations as well. We ask a minimum donation of 550/ 2weeks.

For early birds untill 15.april 500€/ 2weeks.

We have a big camping ground, close to the river. Compost toilet and commonhouse, where we going to cook and eat.

If you would like to take part please contact us


if you want to see more what we are doing visit our facebook “Woodhalla”

Hope to see you soon

The Woodhalla team

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