We are the Woodhallas:

Alan,Dominic, Dennis, Ilaria and Daniel,

With our joint passion for woodwork and natural living in the woods we came together and started dreaming and making our garden together. Since many years we worked with lots of help of neighbours and friends on several projects. For example, we started with cleaning land and making strategic fire cuts, the common house building 2011 and fixing action last summer. Also last summer we fought the wildfire that burned 250 000 ha of land. We managed with the help of a lot of people to prevent the fire to enter the valley and bring houses in danger and burn established woodlands.

Alan and Dominic living here for more than 10 years Denis, Ilaria and Daniel joint since 2 years. we live very close by and started to do things together. as a small group with many helpers, thanks to you all.

We have several ideas we want to realize.

One of them is our timber frame building workshop we planning for June/July 2017.It will be a reciprocal round structure. for further information visit Workshops & Projects

another project in planning is a da Vinci bridge over our small river we have.

We  work on the model of a gift based society. That means we will ask minimum donations for compensating our services and accommodations.


Our timberframe workshop started

We started the workshop and i want to give you some pictures of how it is going

   What would we do without the help of our wonderfull neighbour friend with his tractor to shift all the wood in we cut on the neighboursfarm.   


But still we have to carry all the wood the last bit by hand                                               

or on the shoulders.


the well earned Rest.

The kitchen and the workshop

                           in production.

See you soon with further updates.

Love and Woodhalla


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