Round wood timber framing: Project Wood Halla

Natural building: round wood   timber framing 

Two intensive weeks on learning joinery and reciprocal frame

As you can read on our profile Woodhallas, we are a bunch of people who moved to the forest to live a more sustainable life in contact with Nature. All of us built and are building our homes following different solutions of natural building. Of course making your own house is satisfying, but at same point it comes natural to come together and make common places. After finishing the structure of common terrace, we would like to create a space that fit our interest to work with wood. At the same time, the building will serve as a future classroom and wood working atelier. Living in the woods, once again we had no doubts, but chose to make a natural building from local resource material. And why not starting it with a timber framing workshop and invite interested people?

We are going to build a 7.5m round reciprocal structure in round Eucalyptus.

We will use and learn:

ancient marking technic (center lines and marking benches, profiled T-squares, log scriber), learn to cut mortise and tenon, half wedged dovetail,and scribed joinery, lay out compound joinery on round wood, sharpening and maintaining hand tools. basics on foundation and logging

After the experience of building Henrik’s house in Terralta   Alan and Dominique felt enriched from the experience and the people involved. So, they had the idea to organize a similar event in the valley where we live. The natural building will be a further version and an improvement of the previous structure we build in Terralta in June 2016.

The workshop will be held during two weeks, 6+6 days and the Sunday free. It is possible to take part at the workshop only for one week. During the workshop three vegetarian meals a day will be provided. The organic food found on the table will come from local family farms. Here, as a “forest community” we live partly on donations and gifts to make our projects happen. As well we want to organize this workshop based on donations. So, the amount we indicate is the minimum we ask to be able to support the costs.


Date: 26 June-08 July

Donations: 275 € per week. Full workshop 500 €

Lead facilitator Alan Ueland    Assisting facilitator Dennis Kjellstrom

Briefly on the project:  the workshop will be to layout accurately multiple compound joinery on round wood via center lines and our new marking benches. Than we will execute this joinery with hand tools and finally put the wall and roof structure up.

I am sure it will be an enriching experience for all of us, but it also will be hard work. We have a lot to do and for this we take two weeks so we can really go through the experience together from marking  the wood to raising day.

About the structure: Since the reciprocal workshop in terra alta we have come across new technic for marking out round wood joinery and based on old school chinese/japanese marking technic, we want to remake this old tools and set them to use. The building will be a 7.5m , 9 sided structure with a 9 sided reciprocal roof frame,with a pitch of 19 degrees. There will be a secondary level to the roof, which consists of 27 jack rafters creating 9 equilateral roof surfaces. and this levels out the roof at 30 degree pitch so we can close it with roof tiles. ( see pictures)

The main frame will be joined full Mortise/ Tenon with a joined collar brace at each corner, pre cut on the floor. And the secondary roof members will be scribed in place and nailed to the primary roof members.

The overhang roof will have a different pitch than the main roof. It will be carried by braces joined to the pillars and on top go 45 mini rafters.We have chosen to go for a very sturdy main frame with smaller members for the second frames. Smaller woods are easy to get and light to handle.

The wood will be eucalyptus from the neighbour farm and pine from our lands. Eucalyptus is a tough and challenging wood to work in joined frames but we will use old proven technic to stabilize the wood. The pine will be for wall boards which will be nailed to eucalyptus studs and we will mill it ourself here on our lands with an Alaskan chainsaw mill and a stihl 660 chainsaw. visit gallery woodhallas

our model





If you want to take part to our timber frame experience and want more info, please contact us at, subject: timber framing workshop.

We have spare tools, but please bring if you can, the following ones: framing/mortis chisel min.30mm, best 40-50mm; chisel gouge 25-40mm; combinations square with level and/or small spirit level; bevel and any other favorite hand tools you like to work with… This way, everybody will be able to carry on their own tasks without having to wait or simply just watch!

As well, basic wood working skills are required.

Volunteering: we are open to volunteers between May and July 2017. If any interested please do not hesitate to contact as at


The workshop started

We started the workshop and i want to give you some pictures how it is going

   What would we do without the help of our wonderfull neighbour friend with his tractor.   


But still we have to carry all the wood the last bit by hand                                               

or on the shoulders.


the well earned Rest.

The kitchen and the workshop

                           in production.

See you soon with further updates.

and back we are . this all happend until

16.august. we where full in the production and how you see sometimes it was not easy. our pig “Fiona” came for a visit and didn`t want to leave.


The walls go up and it started to hail.

The production of the collor braises up on the structure.

The conection of the henge and oak pegs and the tri pot for the roof raffters.

And the raffters go up.


And its up the reciprocal


But still so much to do. If you are a wood worker and have time you are wellcome to part take in further finishing work.


See you soon with further development.

hallo lovely people. This is our further development:

We put collar braises


And here you see once more our wonderfull reciprocal roof.


And we finally got to put the roof tieles with a lot of help of our wonderfull friends, supporters and volunteers.



We are almost done. The rain can come and did.

See you soon

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