Daniel Berhe


Hi my name is Daniel Berhe

I was enjoying my time seeing. Seeing all kinds of marvels in the world.

Claymakers sitting on the ground with orange hands, hands which lived a long life and now as the clay gets shaped, looks at me. A grin of white teeths are shown behind a mountain of a beard. Warmth.

A young woman on a green lush hillside, braiding her sisters Kastanja brown hair, turning her in to a Eygyptien Goddess. The moment puts me in realization of the natural beauty of life, as do when my eyes see an old Maori paying his respect to his heritage, and the young Kiwi stomps and leaves trash where she is, and not.

Seeing is only half of it. All my life I’ve mostly been seeing. I’m a man of the great north with old roots in the warm south. This I’ve seen and known, but it’s not all. That which has grown within me is my own will to do. Use what I’ve seen across the world and now do myself – and I’ve found the forest a very suitable place to be and do, compared to the city.

My interests are life, I know it’s vauge but at the same time so simple and genuine. In the forest it takes different shapes as a hidden spoon in a piece of Urs root, the tools with a small but serving piece of leather covering their sharp edge. The easily cursed Silva with needles ready to draw blood, on another day shows a sweet side and offers berries in abundance.

Yeah.. the wonders one can make and be apart of.. amazing.

I am also making part of the “Project Woddhala”, if you are interested visit https://flows.live/workshops/

P.S I love music too, especially Bob Marley ^^

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