My name is Alan   img_0613-optimized-copia

I am from Norway, 41 years of age and am a father of three.

I live in the valley since 16 years and I spend most of my life in the forest.

My interests are Planet earth, human evolution, future generation, low impact alternative living, forest, wood craft, self empowerment, organic gardening, auto-response-ability.

At young age  of 13 I concluded that the living model presented to me by modern society was false, and naturally I started a search for alternatives. This brought me into music and art, and eventually to philosophy study at university. and there I broke with modern society and moved back to the woods.I started gardening, forest management,and working with natural materials where I discovered my love for wood craft. Working with wood I learned how simple and pleasant it is to craft ones own things from scratch with simple hand tools and a bit of imagination. I realized  that the first crime against humanity was the removal of the forest. This made us dependent and needy, and as consequence we gave our power away. In the forest grows food, game runs free, water flows and the trees grow tall and old, medicine grows wild, fruits are everywhere. The essence of the forest is Abundance – the climax of the earth. This in contrast to the technocratic highly dependent and overly controlled life version that modern society presents leaves us with a very simple conclusion to take: Plant a tree, care for the forest, get a personal connection to mother earth. Take our power back and set it to good use in our everyday life. create abundance and live abundantly.  life is a gift and the woods remind us of that.I am in the process of taking my personal power back, and making first hand experience of living in nature , being a human, a man. I want to further explore this and share and learn with other people, create a platform through our beautiful lands in the mountain, to  build with natural materials, practice low impact living, evolve personally and as a species.

Throughout the years I had many timber frame projects see gallery woodhallas and in summer 2016  I facilitated with my partner Dominic the timber frame reciprocal structure in Terra Alta .

I am also make part of the “Project Woodhalla”.  If you are interested visit upcoming Workshops & Projects

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