What you need to know

Thank you for your interest in our project. There are several things that are important to know and understand. Please read through the below, which may or may not be known to you already, to understand more about our way of living here.

Cars, transport and parking:

The common terrace and most other places mentioned on the where to stay link can not to be reached by car. There is always a minimum foot walk of 10 minutes. If you need help transporting tents ect from your car to the camping grounds we can help you, please let us know in your inquiry form if you may need help.

If you would like to come with a camper van or trailer there is the option to park in the nearby village of Landeira. It is a 10 minute walk to reach the valley from Landeira.

Sanitary solutions ( Pees and Poohs)

There is no mains canalisation system in the valley and nearly no houses have a septic tank. Most people use composting toilets and this is what is also available for visitors. The general toilets we have are squatting toilets but we also have some toilets with a seat for people with difficulties to squat.

A compost toilet should be mainly used for poohs. For weeing you can go anywhere where you feel comfortable. Please do not wee in the river.

We use organic matters to cover our biologic waist which helps it to become humus earth. Toilets may have a slight smell and some flies may be attracted, but it is all within reason, especially if enough covering material is used.

The river

The river is used for drinking water and this is one of our biggest treasures. To protect the quality of the water in the river we ask you to not use any cleaning products closer than 20 m to the river. Please use the common showers. If you prefer to simply wash in the river, do not use any soaps or shampoos, as it will pollute the river. Thank you so much. For more info on alternative ways for body hygiene please check out Stephens workshops.


From May till October it is prohibited in Portugal to have open fires. If you want to use the outdoor open fire cooking spaces please ask us first.


Luckily the mosquitos are not so keen on living here in the valley with us. There are some around but not very many. If you are super sensitive you may want to bring some net to protect yourself.

Trails and tracks

Please try to use the main tracks that are indicated as walk ways on the map provided. If you do not know the area it is quite easy to get lost and many places have no phone reception. It s great to get lost out here for some time, but we don’t want you to get lost forever 😉

Internet and Mobile accessibility

The reception in the valley is not very good, the provider that works best here is Vodafone. If you need to stay accessible the Vodafone mobile hotspots are one of the best options. Let us know if and how often/frequent you need internet and we may be able to help.

Please copy the below, fill in your details and send it via e-mail to flows.live@gmail.com

I read the above YES/NO

I would like to visit the FLOWS Project



I need help with my baggage YES/NO

ABOUT ME/US: (please let us know a little bit about you and the people traveling with you)

I am interested in the following projects/workshops/people:

I would like to stay at:

  • common terrace
  • earth kids terrace

I would like to eat at:

  • self – catering
  • eating with Jens and Melanie
  • will decide later

I need to have internet access

  • once a day for less than 30 minutes
  • once every 3 days for less than 30 minutes
  • more than the above (please describe)













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