Hi I am Stephen ( Baba ) 62 years young and single and I am very interested in a lower impact and healthy life style. Words like: Self reliant –  Rewilding – Simple living – always with a compromise or 2 would describe this best.

 Water: Water is very important to me its the main reason I live here, I use cold water treatments  based on Sebastian Kneipp, Water of life ( Amaroli ),H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, Alkaline water, Damar Tantra massage, Foot baths,Epsom salts used in baths and  massage
I also use tonics, apple cider vinegar and Aloe vera
Regarding Food: the word that Diet  is derived from means a change of life style, I have been vegetarian ‘vegan ‘raw food and fruitarian  paleo at times in my life, but I do not subscribe to any at this time. I use juices leaf greens and vegs -fruits, sprouts, micogreens  vitamin waters, vortexed water, golden milk etc.
I would like to share any of the above  in workshops, but more as part of a day-to-day experience of my life here .
Other interests
Eco construction – permaculture gardening – rocket stoves and wood burning stoves
and yes I am into elf’s fairies brownies
But not head Goblins ha ha
You can contact me by e-mail:

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I am an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment. I am a dot connector, people lover and a planner and organizer.

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