Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deHi I am Melanie (the one on the right ;-), I am the dot connector of FLOWS. I moved to Landeira at the beginning of 2016 because I feel in love with Jens (the guy next to me in the photo  ;-), the community and the valley. I felt that even so I was going to take my computer with me at least I am at a place where the life I wanted to live is possible. The beauty of the valley and the variety of skilled and lovely people in and around it amazed me and got me to work on this project and I feel very grateful for this.  I live with my partner Jens and my daughter Lisa (8) in a small house build out of what once used to be a goat stable with some extensions in wood. The closest dip into the river spot is 30 m from my bedroom door and it’s generally our private beach :-)

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I am home schooling my daughter and our land is open for children with or without parents who would like to camp and experience this beautiful valley and to learn about living in nature. Please read more about this project following this link: Workshops – Earthkids

Things I do and like are: planning events and projects, warm fires and hot tea, acrobatics, yoga and dancing, sun and summer, chocolate, cleaning and decorating, massages, singing and  playing guitar, candle light, heart to heart sharing, forgiveness retreats and personal growth journeys.

If you are visiting the valley feel free to contact me and pop around for a cup of tea. Me and Jens are also happy to help you arrive for a self catering holiday and/or provide you with meals and snacks. Please check out the details here:
Where to stay  – Earthkids Terrace

What to eat – Panama Cafe

What to eat – River picnics

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I am an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment. I am a dot connector, people lover and a planner and organizer.

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