Earth Kids Terrace

Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deThe Earth Kids terrace is mainly for children with or without parents, but please contact us anyway if that is not your case and we see about the availability and options. We have an outdoor cooking place, a compost toilet and an outdoor shower that can be used. Our outdoor kitchen consists: various pans and pots, various  bowls for salads and a cutting board. Please bring your own basic eating equipment: bowl, plate, cup, cutlery and cutting knife.

The Earth Kids camping terrace is free of costs, we appreciate your donation to help us to develop a more sustainable live in this valley and to develop our offers for visitors. Our donation suggestion is between 2 € and 5 € per day, depending if you are alone or traveling as a family.

Please contact us if you would like to come and visit.

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I am an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment. I am a dot connector, people lover and a planner and organizer.

One thought on “Earth Kids Terrace”

  1. we camped on this beautiful terrace in the mountains of Portugal with 3 kids and we´ll never forget this fantastic experience! Our kids loved it. We explored this green valley on some adventurous tours with Jens, Melanie & Lisa. On these walks we met wonderful people, tasted the best pizza ever, jumped from one big stone in the river to another, had cold showers in the waterfalls, listend to music and stories at the campfire, had breakfast while watching the clouds moving upwards from the valley like a snail, baked cake and bread together, cooked on open fire, found lots of typical animals, plants and and and …. We made a whole book from all the stunning pictures we took and want to come back next year! Thank you Melanie for making this possible!
    Mandy, Christian with Balian, Belén & Amon


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