Earth Kids Camp

Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deEarth Kids Camp is a place for camping and learning about nature.

The Earth kids Camping ground is open from 1st of May till 15th of October. You can come and camp here with or without parents. The river is right next to the camping ground. You can use our outdoor cooking place which has a camping gas cooker and an open fire-place and some pots and pans, our very basic compost toilet and our outdoor hose shower facilities. I am happy to organize activities with the children and here are some suggestions:

Discover Elf-land: We go for a walk with the kids, up the valley to a magical place and discover together the little hidden fairy, elf and pixie places. We build them little tents or put flowers on their door steps and whatever springs to mind. We can include a picnic in this tour and following the walk we can draw pixie,elf ad fairy pictures together with the children and adults and tell stories at the fire about the magical hidden world of nature spirits.

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Visiting the animals of the valley: In this valley they are goats, sheep, a horse, a pig, lots of cats and dogs and plenty of geckos, salamanders and frogs. In Spring time quiet often there are baby animals around and we can go on a little tour and visit these animals, talking to there owners about how they take care of them and learning about the work and the joys of the animals. What are they used for, how do people communicate with them, what do I need to know if I would like to hae an animal like that etc.

Building huts and tents: There is plenty of wood and bush around us and with strings and any material we find around us we can make little tents and huts for the kids to play in. After the tent/hut is set up we can have a picnic in there.

Acrobatics and vertical silks: I used to do plenty of acrobatics and aerial acrobatics like vertical silks and trapeze. These days I am happy to play around with anyone, small or big and share some of the things I know. We can do partner acrobatics with parents and kids or I can do acrobatics or vertical silks with the kids. I suggest a 1 – 2 hour session, depending on number of participants.

Photos by hellinger-fotografie.deGardening activities: We can take the children to the garden and teach them about seeding, planting, preparing the earth, taking care of the produce of the garden etc.

Cooking on the open fire: We teach the children about making fires to cook on. What are the conditions, when can I make a fire, what are the risks, how to cook on a fire. We start the activity with stories of people who cook all over the world with open fires and the different methods used.

We will prepare a meal that can be cooked on an open fire together with the children.

Other available options: We have a big trampoline and there are several swings and ropes for climbing in the trees.

Please also see the other offers from the community people in the valley:

Crochet workshop with Dominic

Singing fun with Andra

Wood carving with Allan

IMPORTANT INFO: What we need every visitor to know are the following things:

To reach our house you need to walk 10 – 20 minutes by foot. There is no access for a car. We are happy to help you carry things when you arrive.

We live next to a river that is our source of drinking water, please use our compost toilet. Please help us to keep the river and the land clean.

For your personal hygiene we ask you bring ecological shampoos/soaps if possible and to not use them in the river but at a place where the greywater will be running into the earth, like our outdoor shower or the bathroom house. Please use in moderation.

The grounds here are uneven and rocky. It’s adventurous but also can be risky for who are not used to it. Please bring good footwear. We ask you to be carefull and talk to your children about this. We are also there to explain through stories and inter active learning that the land we walk on needs to be handled with care.

Especially when we go for walks we always prepare the kids by having a talk about the possibilities of hurting oneself or another and to learn to estimate your own safty. During the walk we keep a close eye on all children and the number of adults per child is carefully decided after getting to know the children.


Values, Conditions, Contact: The earth kids camping is a donation based project. We appreciate your donation for the time you use our space and for any activity we take time to do with you. For the use of gas and meals we provide we also would like to ask for your donation with the understanding that these things have costs for us. The suggested donation is 2 € – 5 € per day depending on if you are alone or with a family.

This project is on purpose a non commercial project, because we would like to work on a different society/system in which we all learn to give what is our gift and in which we are self responsible for the things we do. We have no legal certification for anything. Our offer is an offer from heart to heart based on what we believe.

If you would like to come and camp here please send us an e-mail and tell us who you are and when you would like to come and any activities you are interested in.

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I am an adventurous homey, that loves to live in and with nature, exploring and living alternatives ways of live, education, health and entertainment. I am a dot connector, people lover and a planner and organizer.

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