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Up coming  retreat: 26th – 30th of June 2019 – Movement & Stillness of the Soul



Flows is a platform for projects in a valley in the North of  Portugal

F  – for FREEDOM, like the freedom to choose alternative ways, which you can only do if you know them or the inner freedom to be able to make choices instead of feeling trapped in patterns and habits.
L – for LIVING. We want to welcome you to experience living a live style that maybe is very different to yours. Or maybe it is your life style already and you would love to share with us.
O – for OM, the shortest spiritual word I can think of with a huge meaning. It symbolises that our project is something we do in deep agreement with our soul desire.
W – for WATER, because the place where we live is a valley with a beautiful river and plenty of springs. Water is  cleaning and purifying. Water is flowing it has no resistance, if we live in the flow of life we are in bliss.
S – for SOURCE, the one source that connects everyone and everything.

On this website you can find information about

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